Qualify for entry-level jobs in the design industry. Students may find work in design studios, interactive studios, advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments and other businesses involved in the creation and production of design and communication projects.

Successful completion of each semester, or permission of the instructor, is required to continue into the next semester. This is a limited enrollment Professional-Technical program. Prospective students who do not meet the initial eligibility requirements for this professional- technical limited enrollment program will need to take selected courses to receive necessary skill building prior to entering the program (see page 43 of the catalog).

Job Responsibilities

  • Apply the principles of visual organization, composition, information hierarchy, typography, and aesthetic communication in order to create meaningful digital imagery.

  • Investigate and reconcile the needs of marketing and sales using graphic design, animation and web design to satisfy the needs of the users.

  • Develop an ability to communicate designs, marketing concepts, and requirements of other designers, suppliers, employers, and prospective clients.

  • Understand the relevance of design history and theory, including technology, and the social and cultural use of their designs into society.

  • Understand basic business practices as they relate to real world design applications. This includes the ability to organize design projects, work productively individually or as a member/leader of a design team.

  • Make informed decisions about social issues, environmental issues, and ethical issues, concerning current graphic design, web sites design production, copyrights law and distribution.

Student Work

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